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Time for an update...
I honestly did not realize that my last entry here was more than a month ago. I've only been to one concert since my last update (B'z, which was so damn AWESOME!!!), but I'm currently getting ready for winter vacation. My last workday is this Thursday. On Friday, I will be on my way to Tokyo... by bus. Yeah, I'm going to Tokyo by bus and it's going to take a total of 17 hours. I'm hoping that it won't be all that bad. Like they say, there's a first time for everything.

I'll arrive in Tokyo on Saturday morning. As soon as I arrive, I'm going to ditch my luggage and head off to Odaiba to catch GLAY's LiB Cafe winter addition. I don't plan on purchasing any goods, but I do have my eyes set on the cafe menu; yum! After checking that out, I think I'll head to an onsen.

On Christmas Day, I'll be seeing B'z at Tokyo Dome!!! I am looking forward to this live so, so much!! This is going to be such a wonderful Christmas present to myself. :3 I've never been to Tokyo Dome, so yeah, can't wait! My hotel's going to be in Ikebukuro, so it'll be an easy commute to the Dome via the Marunouchi line. I plan on purchasing the Dec. 25th Tokyo Dome t-shirt... I purposely didn't buy any goods at the Fukuoka live.

On the 26th, I'll be on my way to Amsterdam (and Belgium) for almost two weeks. I'll be back in Japan on Jan. 7th and in Miyazaki on the 8th. Work resumes on the 10th.

My GLAY goods arrived last week, which included the mini album and both 2011 fan club live DVDs. I haven't watched the DVDs yet. I really don't have time to, so I'll most likely watch it after winter break. I simply can't get enough of "Time for Christmas" on their mini album. Love it! "Kimi ni aetara" is just simply beautiful.


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