Time for an update...
I honestly did not realize that my last entry here was more than a month ago. I've only been to one concert since my last update (B'z, which was so damn AWESOME!!!), but I'm currently getting ready for winter vacation. My last workday is this Thursday. On Friday, I will be on my way to Tokyo... by bus. Yeah, I'm going to Tokyo by bus and it's going to take a total of 17 hours. I'm hoping that it won't be all that bad. Like they say, there's a first time for everything.

I'll arrive in Tokyo on Saturday morning. As soon as I arrive, I'm going to ditch my luggage and head off to Odaiba to catch GLAY's LiB Cafe winter addition. I don't plan on purchasing any goods, but I do have my eyes set on the cafe menu; yum! After checking that out, I think I'll head to an onsen.

On Christmas Day, I'll be seeing B'z at Tokyo Dome!!! I am looking forward to this live so, so much!! This is going to be such a wonderful Christmas present to myself. :3 I've never been to Tokyo Dome, so yeah, can't wait! My hotel's going to be in Ikebukuro, so it'll be an easy commute to the Dome via the Marunouchi line. I plan on purchasing the Dec. 25th Tokyo Dome t-shirt... I purposely didn't buy any goods at the Fukuoka live.

On the 26th, I'll be on my way to Amsterdam (and Belgium) for almost two weeks. I'll be back in Japan on Jan. 7th and in Miyazaki on the 8th. Work resumes on the 10th.

My GLAY goods arrived last week, which included the mini album and both 2011 fan club live DVDs. I haven't watched the DVDs yet. I really don't have time to, so I'll most likely watch it after winter break. I simply can't get enough of "Time for Christmas" on their mini album. Love it! "Kimi ni aetara" is just simply beautiful.

"I've finally figured out what makes good lovers: Jealousy."
gentle voice

GLAY's latest single was released yesterday and I received it in the mail on the same day!

The CD/DVD bundle includes two new songs: My Private "Jealousy" and Snow Flake. The third track is the Cruel Angel's Thesis (Evangelion OP theme) cover performed at the July 31st HAPPY SWING live. The DVD includes the My Private "Jealousy" MV, the opening of the July 31st live event (which was soooooo cool!) and the July 30th performance of VERB.

I adore this single! The original songs are somewhat soft, which completely washes out the hardness we got from Hisashi and Teru on the previous single, but they're the typical GLAY songs that I love. Listening to Cruel Angel's Thesis brought me back to the live when I was going "WTF?!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" in excitement. Simply the best!

I haven't watched the DVD yet, but will do so soon. GLAY has a live event going on at 21:00 on youtube, ustream, and nico nico tonight... most likely to promote the single. German class ends at 21:00.... I'm going to be ten minutes late to watch the event.

EDIT: Firstly, I've watched the DVD and words cannot express how much I love the MV!! Seriously, I think I re-watched it on TV, then I realized that the full version is on youtube.

The guys look sooooooo GOOD!! Takuro got me when he rocks out twirling that hair of his. :3

The online event last night was so~ awesome!! The videos shown of Teru running into the crowd of one of the recent live was just jaw dropping!! Hisashi in a gorilla suit was hilarious and cute at the same time. At the end of the show, they previewed the MV for the upcoming single "Time For Christmas." I LOVE THIS SONG!!! It features JUJU and her voice is simply amazing! 12/14 can't come here soon enough.
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Namie Amuro live Nov. 12-13

I saw Namie in concert on Nov. 12 and 13 and I must say, the lives were absolutely fantastic! I've been listening to her music since 1998, so it's been a dream of mine to see her perform live someday. When I came to Japan two years ago, I've been trying to get tickets to her concerts, but I was never able to get a ticket. I was VERY lucky that she decided to come back to Fukuoka again in this month for two additional concerts (she was in Fukuoka this past summer) and because of this, it was easier for me to buy tickets.


1. The demographic of her fans, from what I noticed, is mainly women between 25-30something. I did see a number of guys, kids of various ages, and older women. Quite a few of the 25-30somethings were dressed up to the nines; high heels, luxury bags, etc. Honestly, wearing high heels to a concert is pretty damn stupid.

2. The stage looked like a chessboard with actually chess pieces on it. It was seriously very, very cool.

3. Namie is soooooooooooo CUTE in person!!! OMG! She is the cutest 34 year old I have ever seen. She has the perfect smile. I kept saying to myself, "she is so adorable!" during the lives when she waved to us.

4. I own Namie's concert 2001-2006 DVDs and I have always enjoyed her dancing. Well, seeing it live is just so, so much more amazing! Not only that, but many of her songs are danceable. I found shaking my booty hard to resist.

5. Both set lists for both night were exactly the same. I was hoping that at least a couple songs would change, but nope, didn't happen.

6. Her male back-up dancers were really good looking. There was one guy that I really liked because his body was freakin' hmmm, mmmmm, good!

7. Namie isn't much of an MC'er. She didn't do any at all except for thanking us at the very end and saying "let's meet up again soon." I think that doing all those dance moves and singing takes a lot of energy out of a person, but I still would have loved to hear her speak to us more.

8. Towels are so not need at her concerts. I didn't sweat at all and I wasn't expecting to.

All in all, I really enjoyed these lives and I definitely plan to see her on her next tour!



I saw the GazettE in Fukuoka a little more than a week ago. I was really, really looking forward to this live because it's been more than a year since I last saw them live. Unfortunetly, I've completely forgotten that Gaze fans like to cosplay and wear dark clothing. I looked waaaayyy too "normal" and it made me a bit self-conscious.

Anyway, I really wanted to purchase goods, mainly the over-sized long-sleeved VENOMOUS CELL t-shirt, but I was seriously dead BROKE! The live was held at the Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall. I was seated on the 2nd floor, row 16 and the view was fantastic!!

The live itself was exhausting (not as tiring as THE BAWDIES live I attend two days before this live.) There were times when I didn't get into the live because, to be honest, I don't like the TOXIC album. I was pretty much looking forward to hearing songs that I like, which did happen a few times, thankfully. They even played Filth in the Beauty! It was my first time hearing the song live!

... I don't know if I've been used to Teru MC'ing, but Ruki barely said anything during this live. Except for the instances when he was pumping up the crowd by yelling out, "FUKUOKA?!, FUKUOKA?!.... ii ne." And also when he said that it was unfortunate that the day was rainy. Ruki has a really sexy, low voice though.

I saw six foreigners at this live. And when I say foreigners, I mean VISIBLE ones. Oh, and a scalper came up to me and asked if I needed a ticket.... IN ENGLISH.

After the 2nd encore was finished, the audience began the encore chant. We knew it couldn't be over. One, they didn't sing THAT song and two they didn't wish Kai HAPPY BIRTHDAY. So, we continued chanting, with the off beats being growls lol (I don't growl), until they all came out! Ruki was the last to come out, but before that, one of the staff guys had to run out to pick up the mic, lol. Ruki needed it to sing the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song. So, we all sang together. After that, Ruki wanted to give the mic to KAI, but KAI had trouble getting his gear off. Ruki got impatient and said, "would you hurry up all ready!" It was hilarious! XD

KAI eventually got the mic and being the cute guy that he is, was lost for words and could only say "thank you" before blowing the candles out on the cake. As KAI was talking, the other four left the stage together.... SO FUNNY! They completely abandoned him. KAI ended up sitting on the stage looking completely LOST! He just continued to say "thank you" and last year was a good year and hopes that this will be a good year too. Then he motioned for the others to get their asses back on stage! XD

KAI then asked us if it was alright to take a group picture. We all obliged! Everyone tried to move towards the center to get in the pic, which will be up for FC members to see. After all of that, they finally played KANTOU DOGEZA KUMAI!!!!

I am retiring from head banging. no more.



Yesterday, I attended THE BAWDIES concert at CAPARVO live house in Kagoshima. This live was even better than their first live I attended back this summer!! At that time, they were at ZEPP FUKUOKA and that is a pretty large live house which can accommodate about 2,000 people. The CAPARVO is a very small live house that can hold a little more than 400 people; JACKPOT!! My ticket number listed me as #217, so I was the 217th person to enter... and I was so~ close!!! During the live, I locked eyes with ROY, TAX and JIM!! X333 I tried to get MARCY's attention (even called out his name a few times), but being the drummer, it was difficult to get him to notice me.

left to right: MARCY(dr), TAX(g), ROY(v&b) and JIM(g)

The guys looked so hot in their suits! I just love it that they wear suits as their live outfits. This time, they each wore the same colored suit, which was a blueish-gray color. To add a distinguishable element, their collars and ties were of different colors: ROY/red, JIM/purple, TAX/tan and MARCY/blue.

The set list was just damn killer. They played RED ROCKET SHIP, which is their latest single and I absolutely love the song. They also played a bunch of my favorites including B.P.B., YEAH! and IT'S TOO LATE. XDDD Huge crowd pleasers. Speaking of crowd, if you are a weak, small individual, you will NOT survive attending a BAWDIES live. No you will NOT! The people around you are your enemies. They will push, shove, kick, step on your foot, hit your head in order to get near the front. It's not just those that want to get near the front though; it's mainly the energy that THE BAWDIES give off. They really get the audience in to the music, especially when they play their upbeat songs. It's really amazing! However, at times, I kinda feared for my life. All these hundreds of people jumping made the floor feel like it was going to break.


1. TAX had a GUNDAM beer can holder. He regularly went to it to retrieve his can of SAPPORO beer lol
2. MARCY is such an adorable guy. He hardly ever gets to speak because he's the drummer, but the crowd kept telling him to speak. He eventually just said 「やっだ」/ "no way" lmao
3. ROY told us of a moment during a previous live when JIM accidently hit ROY's head with the mic stand!
4. ROY can effing SCREAM!!! DAMN!

I seriously love this band and I'm so happy that I'm a fan! I got into them when I first saw them at the JAPAN COUNTDOWN 2010-2011 music event. They were the closing act on their stage and they were AMAZING! The following day I went to TOWERS to purchase their second album and I loved it! I own their third one, which I bought at the FUKUOKA live. I really need to get my hand on their first album.

Anyway, I CANNOT WAIT to see them at the BUDOKAN late next month! It's going to be an amazing live! The guys deserve this accomplishment and I'm so proud of them.

More updates...
1. First off, I want to wish Jiro a happy belated birthday!!! I did wish him happy birthday on my twitter, but I was feeling lazy about making a post here. Sorry, Jiro! Still looking as young as ever!!

2. My second GLAYversary year was this week. I can't believe I've already known this band for this long! My love for GLAY is still very strong!!

3. Sadly, I lost the FC ticket lottery to see them in Kobe. All I have left now is eplus and ticket pia. Crossing my fingers.

4. My concert hopping days have finally arrived!! Next Wednesday I will be in Kagoshima City to see THE BAWDIES and next Saturday in Fukuoka City to see the GazettE! Words cannot express how ecstatic I am!

5. I've started a blog here last month, which focuses on my life in Japan and traveling. Have a look whenever you can. :)

6. November is almost here! Which means I can finally start on my itinerary for my winter vacation. I didn't want to start on it way too early.

7. Anime? What's that? No, seriously, what is it??? I'm currently watching One Piece and I'm not even up-to-date on that. I've download a couple shows from this season and that's about it.

8. I'm currently taking German classes every Thursday night. Learning a new language is always fun and interesting. German would be a lot easier if it wasn't for pronunciation though lol.

9. I have private English conversation classes with a doctor from a nearby hospital. His English is really good, but he wants to keep it up, thus him wanting to speak with me every Monday night.

10. I turn 30 next summer and I'm already thinking about what I would like to do. I'll be traveling, of course. Since I've been in Japan, I've been gradually saving up for this special day. Hopefully, I'll be able to reach my goal amount before August.

11. Damn Japan, Halloween isn't even here and they already have Christmas stuff out!

G4, you've done it again!

My copy of GLAY's latest single G4 II -THE RED MOON- arrived early this afternoon. Words cannot express how much I love this single. It includes four songs that were written and composed by each member (except for Jiro's song; he only composed it.)

everKrack: This song makes me rock out the most!! I don't know how I'm going to express myself when I hear it live. I won't be doing the "GLAY hands" that's for sure. Oh, Hisashi, you bring out the GEEK in all of us. :3

キリノナカ: I love, love, LOVE this song!!! (さすがリーダーさん!)There are so many hooks in it. I particularly *love* the 2nd to last hook♥ I wanna hear this song live! I wanna hear it, I wanna hear it, I wanna hear it!!!

MAD BREAKER: Teru seems to like experimenting with different sounds. His last song used an accordion. This song has a Celtic (?) sound to it, but I really like it! I absolutely love the bass lines and Hisashi's solo is luv. I find it amusing how Teru's screaming part in the song is written on the lyrics sheet as ---> ◯X⃞X◯◯⃞△???


Ruby's Blanket: Omg, this is such a lovely song♥ The melody is so~ sweet.

Life is life.
It's only beautiful if you make it beautiful.
And the only beautiful thing I have is my dream.
Without that, I might as well be dead.

Pretty much the general meaning of the song, which is written on Jiro's cover sheet. I love it!! (The other three have direct English translations of lyrics or missing verses.) So meaningful~

So, over all, this single is hot stuff!! Worth paying all the shipping and COD fees.

G4 II came with a free mini poster!Collapse )

I went ahead and pre-ordered the CD/DVD version of their next single, My Private"Jealousy", from G-DIRECT. I'm looking forward to this single... especially for Cruel Angle's Thesis!
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Why, hello LJ. I haven't posted here in more than a month.

To be honest, I don't really have anything to post about. I know I have that GLAY FC live and LiB Cafe to write about, but beside those, nothing.

But I am going to update on concerts and places I'll be going to in the next few months.

1. Today, I was supposed to attend GLAY and B'z lives at the Budokan, but I found out last week that I wouldn't be able to make it. =_= I had to get rid of my concert ticket on mixi and cancel my flight. I was able to exchange the concert ticket for an FC ticket to B'z final at Tokyo Dome on 12/25!! So, it wasn't really a loss. Also, I'll be attending the concert with the girl that exchanged the ticket with me.

2. Will be seeing The GazettE and THE BAWDIES in late October. It's been FOREVER since I last saw The GazettE live! I so cannot wait to see them again in Fukuoka. HEAD-BANGING TIME!!! I'll be seeing THE BAWDIES again at their tour final @ the Budoukan at the end of November!

3. I was able to get tickets to see Amuro Namie in Fukuoka on 11/12 & 11/13!!!!!! I'll finally be able to see this gorgeous woman that I have adored since my high school years perform live!!

4. Will be seeing B'z twice in December: on Dec. 4 in Fukuoka and Dec. 25 in Tokyo!! December cannot be here soon enough!

5. I have been hit with the travel bug. I really want to travel outside of Japan. I was initially thinking about spending winter vacay in Sydney, but the travel agent I called gave me a price on the cheapest flight available that really wasn't so cheap. I'm still keen on Sydney and will plan a trip there next winter... I'll book plane tickets well in advance.

Anyway, I wasn't in the mood of visiting an Asian country, so I asked the agent on how much a flight to Amsterdam would be... and it wasn't too bad! So I booked it! I will be spending 11 days in the Benelux area of Europe! I'll be in Amsterdam for about a week (I will probably make day trips to neighboring cities like Rotterdam and Utrecht) and I'll spend 4 days in Belgium (two days in Brussels and another two days in Ghent.) Words cannot express how much I am looking forward to this trip!! I'm going solo, which I'm not worried about at all. I have traveled around Japan solo about 80% of the time and I've felt safe and enjoyed my trips. I've met many interesting people while traveling solo here.

I plan on staying in only hostels and bed & breakfast joints. I find staying at these places to be the easiest way to meet people. I'm booking everything right now... I just need to book a place in Ghent. I want to treat myself, so I'm looking for a slightly more established B&B place. Then the fun of writing up an itinerary begins! XD

I have a high school friend who lives in Germany, but she goes to school in Maastricht, Netherlands. I hope I'll be able to meet-up with her. I also have an American blog friend who lives in Brussels...

Well, that's all from me. Can't wait for the upcoming months to get here!!!!

Guten Abend!
So, it's my second to last day before I head back to Japan... or so I thought. For the longest time, I thought that I was supposed to leave the states this Wednesday. It wasn't until two hours ago when I checked my e-ticket and it said Tuesday, Aug 23rd! Thank goodness that I checked it today.

With that said. My three week vacay is over and I had a very good time. Been to NYC twice, seen my little niece and nephew who really aren't so little anymore, eaten all the yummy foods that I've missed. Yup good times.

I've also been thinking about my future a bit; I really would like to continue living abroad after Japan. I love being an expat. As for where I would like to go... somewhere in western Europe would be great, but getting a work visa there is going to be a pain!!

I still need to write reports on that GLAY concert and the LiB thing. They won't be very detailed. ^^;

I NEED A NEW CAMERA D: The pictures I took at the LiB Cafe with my five year old camera came out really grainy. My iPhone took better pictures.

I hope my house in Japan isn't covered in mold =_=


The concert was absolutely AMAZING!! Nothing less from GLAY. I was pretty far from the stage, so I couldn't see them that well, but at least they had large screens up to help us poor people in the rear.

The ticket! Don't they just look absolutely drool-worthy here? *o* Love this photo-shoot soooooo much!

Right after the concert, I headed to Odaiba where I spent two days attending GLAY's annual LiB Cafe. It was fuuuuuuunnnnn!!

So, I am very, very excited for the new singles and fall hall tour that were announced right after the live ended. I'm somewhat worried about the tour dates though. In March 2012, I plan on moving out of Miyazaki, but I still plan to remain somewhere in Kyushu. The problem is, their Kyushu leg of the tour is in March:

Oita - March 21
Fukuoka - March 24-25
Kumamoto (final) - March 28

If I didn't plan on moving, then I'd most definitely be able to attend the shows in Fukuoka and Kumamoto. Sadly, I'll most likely be moving around that time (late March). DDDD: So, I'm going to have to travel OUT of Kyushu in hopes of seeing them. I'm eying Kobe and Hiroshima... I *really* want to see them in Fukuoka though. And Hitoyoshi (in Kumamoto) is less than an hour from where I live now DDD:
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