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I have major love for ★GLAY★


I also love: B'z, BUCK-TICK, THE BAWDIES and NICO Touches the Walls!!

That's all you really need to know about me. If you love them too, then feel free to add me and I'll friend you back. ヽ(´▽`)/

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I wonder how long those guys will last in your FO banner. When will you get bored of the Universal Century peeps?!

I'll give it.... hmm. Six months from now. :p

Me? Get bored of those guys?? Never! XD

Hello! It's Mihael from the Anime Meetup Group.

Add me?

Hi Mihael! You know, I KNEW that name sounded so~~ familiar, but I couldn't remember where I heard it from. Then I looked at your user info and was like, "OOOH!" ^^;


Ha, yes!

Legally changed names ftw?

let's talk anime and NYC ... and wheelchair sports!

i just stumbled across you!
i also love seiyuus and i love playing RPG games and gyakuten saiban

was attracted with your pics showing stuff you've ordered XD

i think i forgot to log in..that anonymous comment a while ago is me >.

You love seiyuu, One Piece, RPGs, Do As Infinity, Gyakuten Saiban... what's not to like about you. Added!! XD

hye, I just got around and open an Lj account. I was the very person who asked about how to get Glay tickets if I'm not in the fanclub since I read your entry about going to their concert. And I already add you as friend. Yoroshiku ne~

I've added you back! :D

Oh, I thought we were already LJ friends lol. Add me please?

lol, I've been meaning to add you! Added!

addedddddddddddd... ^^

i love GLAY tooo

and i love theGazettE

Great site, very impressive.

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