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Yet, another "new" Japanese band for me to listen to.
Seriously. Why so hot. Atsushi's 46 btw. damn.

I'm seriously digging BUCK-TICK. More about the band later this week. :3

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A lot of Asian men don't age. lol

At least those that are in constant view of the public. I've noticed that quite a few ordinary Japanese middle aged men look like, well, middle aged men. ^^;

Oooh. I thought he was the sexiest thing way back last year. And fell in love with Buck-Tick all over again.

I first noticed Buck-Tick right around the time Gessekai was the theme song for Nightwalker. Wow, how time flies. Their music has evolved a lot over the years. I do like their Razzle Dazzle and Tenshi no Revolver albums. Also, if you haven't heard the track Smell from his solo album, Ai no Wakusei, you should. Totally sexy. 8D

Atsushi is definitely hot stuff.

I have never watched Nightwalker, but I've heard about the band online. I've never taken the chance to actually listen to their music, however, until just two days ago. I've only listened to their last three albums: the two you've mentioned above and Memento Mori. I really like them (Memento Mori a bit less than the other two) in addition to a few clips that I've seen on YT like My Funny Valentine. Love that song. X3

I'll keep Smell in mind!

he's handsome since young hehehe.
love his voice too.

im laughing when seen old video on youtube that Tamori-san said he's doki-doki when talking with Atsushi XD

btw, Sugizo ex wife crazy in love with this man too hahaha. she said Atsushi is her ideal man.

Yes, he is incredibly handsome :3 And his voice!! Just listening to him sing puts me in a trance lol.

I need to watch more videos of the guys in interviews! From what I've seen, Imai can be a bit serious at times... maybe that's just his personality?

i dun really know about Bucktick. i just like listening their song ^_^
i watch some videos of them although i dun understand what all they talking about but some interviews just so funny hehehe.

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