I have major love for ★GLAY★


I also love: B'z, BUCK-TICK, THE BAWDIES and NICO Touches the Walls!!

That's all you really need to know about me. If you love them too, then feel free to add me and I'll friend you back. ヽ(´▽`)/

My anime (and all things related) tumblr
Had this since the beginning of this year. Needed another place to express my other fandom.

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18 years.

It has been 18 years since GLAY made their major debut back in 1994 on this very day.
I've been a fan of theirs for such a short time, but I'm so happy that I found out about them when I did.

GLAY, I wish you continued success in the future. You guys will always be my number 1 band.

Yet, another "new" Japanese band for me to listen to.
Seriously. Why so hot. Atsushi's 46 btw. damn.

I'm seriously digging BUCK-TICK. More about the band later this week. :3

It's going to be a very GLAY summer!

GLAY LiB Cafe is back this summer!
It will be held in OSAKA from July 23rd to July 27th and TOKYO from July 31st to Aug. 15th.
I think I'll only be able to attend it in OSAKA.


"Bible" - GLAY's 45th single is OUT on May 23rd!!

"GLAY nichi" - I'm assuming that it's a newspaper of some sort. It will be out the day before the "Bible" single. Thankfully, I'll be able to grab it at my local TOWER RECORDS. I think it's free.

"GLAY Walker" - A 100-paged mook that includes a photo shoot and interview about GLAY summer lives at Osaka Nagai Stadium. OUT June 30th.

All will be attained, purchased and attended by yours truly.


GLAY will be live on You Tube, Ustream and NICO NICO on May 23rd 21:00 JST to promote their Bible single. CAN'T WAIT!

They will be on TBS's COUNTDOWN TV tonight (May 19th) at 24:58 JST performing "Bible."

On May 25th, the guys will also be on MUSIC STATION! (Wow, their debut date!!) 

HISASHI's reply on twitter about the announcement of the 2012 Cafe:

HISASHI: 忙しいZO! RT @glay_official: LiB CAFE 2012開催決定しました。

lmao, love his response! The guys are going to be so busy running around doing promotions and getting ready for the summer activities. 頑張れ〜

They're back!

THE PREDATORS are back in action! I've been wondering when they would resurface.

New album - "Monster in my head"

Fall tour at 9 locations:
2012年9月20日(木)東京都 渋谷CLUB QUATTRO
2012年9月25日(火)宮城県 仙台Rensa
2012年9月27日(木)北海道 札幌PENNY LANE 24
2012年9月28日(金)北海道 札幌PENNY LANE 24
2012年10月3日(水)愛知県 名古屋CLUB DIAMOND HALL
2012年10月5日(金)広島県 広島CLUB QUATTRO
2012年10月7日(日)福岡県 福岡DRUM LOGOS
2012年10月9日(火)大阪府 なんばHatch
2012年10月12日(金)東京都 Zepp Tokyo

I plan on attending the live in Fukuoka on 10/7!

I first saw them at the Fukuoka summer rock festival called "ROCK DAZE" back in 2010. Of course, I mainly got into this band because of JIRO (GLAY's forever young bassist), but I really do love the music as a whole.

This summer, I plan on visiting Hokkaido again (mainly Hakodate since my last visit there in 2010 was very, very short.) Anyway, The RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL will be in Hokkaido on 8/10-11. Bands that I love, such as THE PREDATORS and THE BAWDIES will be performing, so this will be a nice detour. :D Looking forward to a nice, cool summer in Hokkaido!

Bz's new song featured on the latest PEPSI NEX CM.

I am so loving this song!!!! XD Can't wait for the single to be released; 2012.04.04!

Updated homepage is hot! http://bz-vermillion.com/
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Some exciting news!
I have quite a few things to be excited about:

1. This April I will be moving to Fukuoka prefecture!
2. Got two FC tickets to GLAY's live at the Budokan on April 21st!
3. GLAY is having two summer concerts at Osaka Stadium... SO GOING!

I'm really, really looking forward to the move! I'll be living only about 45 minutes away from Fukuoka City, so this is going to be sooooooooo convenient! I'll be able to meet more people, have easy access to public transportation (I probably won't need a car!) and going to concerts will be much, much easier!

Who's the man?

And this is only part I out of III! Comes out in Japanese theaters on February 4th. Soooooo gonna watch it!!!!

It'll only be about the arc that was shown in the anime, but whatever. That was some good stuff!

EDIT: Actually, there will be a series of films to adapt the entire manga. OMG!! Movie website --> http://www.berserkfilm.com/
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GLAY LiB Cafe 2011 - winter -
Happy New Year everyone!! The year of the DRAGON! I returned from my 12 day trip to Europe last Sunday and I enjoyed every minute spent on the continent!! :3 Pictures will be placed on my other blog, which is here. It'll be updated so be sure to check it every now and then. :D

Before setting off to Europe, I was in Tokyo for a fews days to attend GLAY's LiB event and B'z final concert of their tour at Tokyo Dome. For now, though, I'll just post pics of the LIB Cafe event.

The event was held in the annex section of the mall. There were a few goods up for sell, mainly those Zuro things, but I only attend to eat some crepes - I have a sweet tooth you know (got a cute Teru sticker with my purchase too~). As I was eating, one lady came up to me and it happened to be one of the girls I befriended at the 2011 summer edition of the event. We chatted a bit about GLAY's current tour, which she attended (..............) but we vowed to meet again a the BUDOKAN!! It will happen, damn it! We parted ways and I decided to take some pictures:

Absolutely adorable!! Love them! X3

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